Vad betyder offshore

Vad är offshore och/eller offshorebolag?

Vad är offshore bolag?

Offshoring = Företag flyttar verksamhet mellan länder
Offshore ekonomi = Finanscentra med förmånlig skatte- och kapitalhantering
Offshore bolag = Bolag i finanscentra med förmånlig skatte- och kapitalhantering.

Finns fler definitioner om “Vad betyder offshore” vi har dock endast tagit upp dessa som är i vår intressesfär…

Offshore is a word that means “away from the coast” or “off the shore”. This description applies to different types of activities carried out at sea like offshore oil exploitation or production of wind energy.

In financial language, the term “offshore” is used metaphorically to describe any business or investment made outside the country of residence. Many different products may be called by this name: bank accounts, insurance policies, real estate, foreign companies, investment funds, etc.

Offshore, the term was coined for the first time in the United Kingdom, which had a number of territories like the Channel Islands or the Island of Man, which had a particularly favorable tax treatment. So, when a British citizen residing in London or elsewhere on the main island, invested in one of these domains “off the shore”, he talked about having an offshore account or company. The term started to be gradually applied to other, more remote areas and to investments abroad in general.