Kinesiska bolag

Bolagsregistrering i Kina
Tillsammans med våra partners i fastlandet, Kina, kan vi hjälpa dig att registrer ett Kinesiskt bolag med en bolagsadress i olika städer baserad på din verksamhet eller andra krav.


Företagsbildning i Kina

China WFOE

Under Chinese law, a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) refers to a mainland China-based business entity that is designated for foreign enterprises or foreigners to establish a limited liability company within mainland China.
When operating as a WFOE, a business can realize a complete 100% control in their business operation and finance, in the view of their foreign parent enterprise.


A WFOE is a separate legal entity for a foreign enterprise to conduct business in China.
Each WFOE must select and declare the industry category that it is operating in, and the Province/Town of incorporation upon registration as a business, and it is a complicated process if you need to change such particulars in the future. Based on registered industry and town, the foreign parent enterprise will start to inject minimum capital into the WFOE.

Although WOFE is a limited liability company in essence, the foreign parent enterprise must appoint a legal representative residing in the mainland China when establishing a WFOE, and this legal representative holds unlimited personal liability on behalf of the WFOE. It is more complicated to register as a WFOE in China, than establishing a foreign business in many countries. It requires the submission of a variety of business proof and background information during the application process, and the registration will undergo a series of reviews and vetting by the different government bureaus, as well as the state and regional authorities.

Capital Requirement

The registered capital requirements differ for different provinces, towns and industries.
Chinese money, comes by two names: the Yuan (CNY) and the people’s renminbi (RMB). The distinction is subtle: while renminbi is the official currency of China where it acts as a medium of exchange, the yuan is the unit of account of the country’s economic and financial system.

Required Information & Documents

  1. For a duly registered foreign company, we would highly recommend registering a Hong Kong company instead, because the costs and application procedure are much simpler
  2. The proposed Chinese name for the WFOE (in Simplified Chinese)
  3. Business license, Certificate of Incorporation, Commercial Registration of the investor duly legalised by the China Certificate Office (with the certification by an Appointed-Attesting Officer in China)
  4. Proposed industry category
  5. Proposed Province/Town of operation
  6. Passport and/or identification document of the legal representative
  7. Resume of the legal representative
  8. Lease Agreement for the WFOE’s office and the property right certificate of the owner
  9. Bank Reference Letter from the country of registration
  10. Appointment letter from the board members of the parent holding company
  11. The Article of Association of the WFOE
  12. Business Proposal
  13. Organisation Chart
  14. Business scope and details of the company’s service and product offerings
  15. Number of employees and organisation chart

Opening Bank Account in China

After the license to operate a Representative Office is issued, our Company would advise you on the local Chinese bank to open a bank account with. Usually, a bank account can be opened in under one week.

Service Fee

We offer a free consultation, and the cost of registration is subject to the province / town and business nature.