List of Shelf Companies

Shelf Companies = Lagerbolag

Shelf corporations allow new or small business owners to engage in business, credit, or real estate agreements as an established company, without having to go through the long process of establishing a brand or business history.

Hong Kong Companies Shelf list

A shelf company is a company that was pre-registered. It has no assets or liabilities and has never conducted business.
It is registered with the sole purpose of being sold. It sits on a metaphorical shelf, waiting for someone to buy it.

A ready-made corporation or an off-the-shelf enterprise is already an incorporated company to which the Certificate of Incorporation has been issued by the relevant Government department.
All shelf companies are a type of enterprise that has never commenced any business, do not have any assets or liabilities, and bank accounts.

The beauty of buying a shelf corporation is to save time in the incorporation procedure, which normally takes about one to two weeks.
After buying a ready-made corporation, you may change its name to your preferred company name.
You can also use the company immediately for opening of bank accounts and signing business agreements.

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Tillgängliga Shelf Companies "lagerbolag"

Ready-made corporation or an off-the-shelf enterprise kan gämföras med ”lagerbolag i Sverige”

Välj upp till 5 bolagsförslag, uppge önskemål
Down payment: US$50 vid en försäljning betraktas detta som erlagd handpenning.
Priser för ”lagerbolag”: Varierar, allt beroende på verksamhet och när det är registrerat.